Sugar Daddy is the Head of the Mutually Beneficial Relationship

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In the world of sugar dating, mutually beneficial relationships involve younger women and older men. the younger woman, or sugar baby, pleases the older man, or sugar daddy. In return, the sugar daddy will provide the sugar baby with financial compensation that can be in the form of cash, clothes, car, or house payments, and more.

What is a Mutually Beneficial Relationship?

A mutually beneficial relationship involves casual dating, mentoring, and companionship. Mutual benefits are when the two parties involved benefit more than physical alone. This kind of relationship is never one side. There has always been stereotypes that sugar babies engage in sex in exchange for money. The best example of mutually beneficial relationships is a wealthy sugar daddy who showers his baby with allowances, gifts, and trips. In exchange, he receives her companionship, attention, and maybe even love.

Sugar arrangements are usually mistaken for prostitution, although it is not. These arrangements are more like a friends with benefits type of relationship with understanding that neither party is searching for a real or serious relationship. They don’t ask one another personal questions regarding other relationships. This is a business contact wherein the parties meet financial, emotional, or psychological needs.

Sugar Daddies and the Savior Complex

From the perspective of sugar daddies, they have this genuine feeling that they are helping the future of someone else. There are many sugar babies who have been brought up by single mothers and can use some financial support.

Sugar daddies feel like they are the providers of their sugar babies. This makes them feel like the cash they are putting into the relationship doesn’t get wasted. This is because there is someone who uses it to put food on the table with the genuine desire to be with them at the same time.

For many sugar daddies, what makes being a benefactor attractive is that it makes them feel good about the thought of lending a hand to someone. This might sound a bit altruistic, but it would be better to spend their money on someone who appreciates them instead of losing everything at a strip club where women always try to hustle them instead of establishing a solid and real connection.

The satisfactory feeling comes from being able to help someone who has less opportunity or experience, making the thought of becoming a sugar daddy even more enticing. Considering that one of the major aspects of becoming a sugar daddy has something to do about feeling good through extending help others, these motivations can be associated to the so-called savior complex, or that psychological need of helping other people for the person to feel good about himself.

While others may frown upon the idea of having a sugar daddy, the truth is that there is more to it than the physical pleasures alone. The good news here is that both parties benefit from each other. It is a give and take relationship where everyone gets what they need and want.